Giorgos Sakallieros

Associate Professor, Deputy Head of School
Phone +30 2310 991840
Contact hours
Tuesdays 13:00-15:00 and Wednesdays 14:00-15:00 (by e-mail appointment only)
Historical Musicology, with emphasis on Greek Art Music (19th-20th century)
Academic degrees
  • PhD in Musicology, Faculty of Music Studies, School of Philosophy, National & Κapodistrian University of Athens (2005)
  • Bachelor in Musicology, School of Music, Faculty of Fine Arts, Aristotle Univeristy of Thessaloniki (1996)
  • Advanced Diplomas in Composition and Music Theory, Collegium Musicum Conservatory of Thessaloniki (2004, 1995, 1993)
  • Advanced Diploma in Guitar Performance, Collegium Musicum Conservatory of Thessaloniki (1995)
Research Interests
  • History of Greek art music (Music in the Ionian Islands, Athenian musical life, Greek National School, Greek avant-garde before and after 1945)
  • Special perspectives of Greek art music (archival research, theory and analysis, critical editions)
  • Western Music History (17th-20th century)
  • Historical, theory and analysis of Western art-music genres and forms (17th-20th century)
Undergraduate course titles
  • Greek Art Music
  • Introduction to Musicology (co-convenor)
  • Critical editions of Greek composer’s works (seminar)
  • Aspects and Phases of Greek Musical Avant-Garde in the 20th century (D. Mitropoulos, N. Skalkottas, D. Dragatakis, J. Christou)
  • Aspects and Phases of Greek art music: Yiannis Constantinidis
  • 17th Century Instrumental Music
  • The Fugue: Genre and Technique in Musical Composition (17th-20th century)
  • Music ensembles: Guitar workshop I - IV

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