Maria Alexandru

Associate Professor, School Representative at the AUTH Committee for Social Affairs
Phone +30 2310 991838
Phone +30 2310 631594
Contact hours
(by e-mail appointment) Mondays 15:00-17:00, Fridays 15:00-18:00
Historical Musicology with specialization in Byzantine Music
Academic degrees
  • Candidata Philosophiae in Byzantine Studies (“Greek, Middle Ages”), with Speciale on Byzantine Music, Faculty of Humanities, Copenhagen University (1995)
  • Ph.D.-Degree of the Faculty of Humanities, Copenhagen University, with Dissertation about Byzantine Music (2000)
Research Interests
  • Palaeography of Byzantine Music
  • Morphology and Analysis of B.M.
  • History and Historiography of B.M.
  • Didactics of B.M.
  • Interdisciplinary approaches to B.M.
Undergraduate course titles
  • Introduction to Byzantine Musicology (ΕΒ1004) (Υ: Obligatory)
  • History and Morphology of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Music (ΕΒ2001) (E: Free Choice)
  • Palaeography of Byzantine Music (ΥΧ0600) (E: Free Choice)
  • Aspects of didactics in Byzantine Music (ΕΒ2002) (E: Free Choice)
  • Secular art music from Constantinople (ΕΒ2017) (E: Free Choice)
  • Musical ensembles: Classical oriental music Ι (ΜΠ3035), ΙΙ (ΜΠ3036), ΙΙΙ (ΜΠ3043), IV (ΜΠ3044) (E: Free Choice)

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