Degree in Music Studies

The School of Music Studies offers a 5-year Integrated Master’s Level (EQF Level 7) first degree programme, with a specialization pathway either in Musicology & Music Education, or in Composition.

The School’s curriculum (reformed in 2017-18) allows students

  1. to tailor their program of studies according to their individual needs and preferences, freely selecting betweeen specialist courses that fit their artistic / scientic and professional interests
  2. to combine theory with practice and explore musical creativity in action, through participation in music ensembles, and through the opportunity to experience a diverse range of hands-on, collaborative and public music-making as part of day-to-day University life.

Available courses are organized along six main subject areas:

  • History – Culture (course code ΙΠ)
  • Theory – Analysis (ΘΑ)
  • Ethnomusicology – Byzantine Musicology (ΕΒ)
  • Education – Psychology – Music Therapy (ΕΘ)
  • Acoustics – Technology – Informatics (ΤΠ)
  • Composition (course code ΣΝ)

Students are able to focus on one or more areas of interest, thus shaping their own study profile. In addition to these areas, students may also choose to take practical musicianship courses (code ΜΠ), through participation in one or more student ensembles of their choice. These options include Chamber Music, Early Music, Classical Eastern Music, Experimental & Improvised Music, Guitar Workshop, Choir Workshop, and Orchestra.