Study Counselors

  1. Athanasios Bililis, Georgios Papadelis, Theodore Kitsos, Konstantinos Chardas and Michalis Lapidakis for queries regarding the curriculum content (course content, available course options, studies regulation etc).
  2. Danae Stefanou for queries regarding Erasmus Exchange Programmes, Theodore Kitsos (Assistant Erasmus Coordinator) and Giorgos Sakallieros for queries regarding Erasmus+ International Programmes
  3. George Kitsios, Maria Alexandru and Giorgos Sakallieros for supporting students facing difficulties on a personal level
  4. Athanasios Bililis for queries regarding Intership

Obsernatory of students from vulnerable social groups
The main goal of the Observatory of Students from Vulnerable Social Groups is to assist students from vulnerable social groups who face problems which hinder their studies. Contact form: