Experimental & Improvised Music

Coordinator: Danae Stefanou

Interference (noise:muse 2016), Thessaloniki Contemporary Art Centre. Photo: Manos Karistineos.

The A.U.TH. Experimental & Improvised Music Ensembles, better known by their Greek acronym σ.π.Α.Μ.* were officially founded in 2017, when the School’s new curriculum enabled faculty to introduce musical practice modules alongside their theoretical teaching. They were preceded by numerous informal group initiatives that had taken shape during the preceding decade, as part of the Experimental Music, Critical Aesthetics and Free Improvisation courses taught by Associate Professor Danae Stefanou.

Tender Musics – a tribute to Takehisa Kosugi, MOMus – Contemporary Art Museum Thessaloniki 2019, photo: D. Miliaras

The ensembles’ composition and structure vary between semesters, and consist of discrete subgroups that work together as well as apart, interpreting contemporary and historic open form repertoire and developing their own original compositions and actions. Their activities so far include public concerts and temporary audiovisual installations and interventions in and out of the University, in museums (MOMus – Contemporary Art Museum and Experimental Centre for the Arts, Thessaloniki), in public spaces and online, as well as in the context of local festivals and conferences. Each year, the ensemble also collaborates with members of noise:muse research group, to develop experimental & intermedia arts-based research projects.