C.A.L.M.’s music event και concert at the State Museum of Contemporary Art

On Saturday, December 19, 2 pm, a music event and a concert will take place at The State Museum of Contemprary Art in collaboration of the Program C.A.L.M. (Community Action in Learning Music), Department of Music Studies, Faculty of Arts, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, greece.

The music ensemble Fractal Sprawl — comprised by the musicians Konstantinos Velenis and Telemachos Roudniklis—will improvise on guitar, DIY (Do-It-Yourself) instruments made by the musicians themselves, marimba, and the Baschet sound scuptures.The duration of the concert is 30’ and it includes improvisations, which transform abstraction into a music research approach. The 14 Baschet instruments —“structures sonores”— have been acquired through C.A.L.M. which was founded by Prof. Eleni Lapidaki aiming to close the social distance between the university and “neglected” learning communities that have become isolated due to geographical, economic, cultural, and politicalreasons.

The program C.A.L.M. received the “Academic and Research Excellence in Greek Higher Education Award.” After Fractal Sprawl’s concert the audience will have the opportunity to experiment on the amazing Baschet sound sculptures in an unpredictable and open to everybody to enjoy improvisation.

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