General Info

General information

The School of Music Studies Library has been open to the public since 1993. It is housed on the 1st floor of the new building of the School of Music Studies, at the new campus in the area of Thermi, opposite the housing estate 'Lida-Maria'.

Information about access to the School

The collection consists of material relating mostly to musicology, as well as other relevant fields (theater, dance, visual arts, pedagogy, psychology, philosophy etc.). The school's library is not only an academic one but also a special interest library, since it houses collections of different types of material.

Library collections

Books 8000
Informational material 600
Music scores 1500
Music CDs 2500
DVDs 350
Old prints 160
Student thesis 1500
Doctoral Dissertations 60

Moreover the library receives new issues of 60 journals, mostly international ones on a regular basis.

In the library a digital data base has been created, which inludes unique and unreleased recordings of folk songs, collected in the framework of thesis preparation by the students of the school.

Also a continuously expanding collection of traditional musical instruments, made by traditional manufacturers of Greece, has been created.


Library users are all students of the school and staff members of all categories. Specifically:

  • Teaching and research personnel of AUTh,
  • Postgraduate Students of AUTh,
  • Undergraduate Students of AUTH,
  • Other teaching staff, special scientific collaborators, invited researchers by AUTH
  • administrative personel of AUTH

In order to issue a membership card for people not belonging to AUTH, an annual fee is required.

Detailed information regarding the above can be found at the unified operating regulations of Department of Music Studies Library.

Mailing address

Library of Music Department
School of Fine Arts
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Thermi University campus - 57001
Thermi Thessaloniki

Dissertations - 16.4.2013
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Dissertations - 30.11.2012