Composition Workshops

The School of Music co-organizes with Thessaloniki's Concert Hall the Composition Workshops.

The Workshops take place in Thessaloniki from 2007 and in this framework students studying composition from all over Greece are commissioned to compose chamber music. The compositions are performed by dissonArt Ensemble, one of the most significant contemporary music Greek ensembles.

  • 2-4 December 2006, Thessaloniki Concert Hall, 1st Composition Workshop
  • 18-19 May 2008, Thessaloniki Concert Hall, 2nd Composition Workshop
  • 9-11 May 2008, Thessaloniki Concert Hall, 3rd Composition Workshop
  • 24-26 April 2010, Thessaloniki Concert Hall, 4th Composition Workshop
  • 20-22 May 2011, Thessaloniki Concert Hall, 5th Composition Workshop
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