Kitsos Theodoros


Assistant Professor


  • PhD in Music, University of York, Department of Music (2005)
  • Master of Arts in Music, University of York, Department of Music (1999)
  • Bachelor of Music, Ionian University, Department of Music (1998)
  • Classical Guitar Performance Diploma, Raimondi Conservatory (1996)


Post: School of Music Studies, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, 54124 Thessaloniki, Greece
Post (alternate):Ardameriou, Chortiatis, 57010, Thessaloniki
Phone: +30 2310992169


Historical Musicology: Medieval and Renaissance Music

Research Interests

  • History of western music c.1000-1750 (middle ages, renaissance, baroque)
  • Historicaly informed performance practice
  • Critical editing of early music
  • Organology
  • Tunings and temperaments


  • Music History Overview I (from the beginnings till the end of the 16th century)
  • Elements of Organology (and score reading)
  • Paleography of european music (mensural notation and tablatures)
  • The solo song of the 16th century
  • The beginning and development of polyphony until the end of Ars Antiqua
  • The critical editing of renaissance and baroque music
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