Pastiadis Konstantinos


Assistant Professor


  • 2002, PhD, School of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Aristotle University
  • 1992, Dipl.-Ing, School of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Aristotle University


Post: School of Music Studies, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, 54124 Thessaloniki, Greece


Musical acoustics with emphasis on psychoacoustics and signal processing

Research Interests

  • Acoustical signal processing/analysis. Musical instruments’ acoustics. Singing and voice signal processing/analysis. Statistical signal processing and time-frequency analysis. Non-linear phenomena/systems in musical acoustics. Recognition / identification of musical signals. Neural networks. Dynamic programming. Perturbation/Disturbance analysis. Imaging methods
  • Psychoacoustics. Psychophysical methods and applications in music and perception of musical stimuli. Computational models in auditory physiology, perception and production of musical signals. Development of tests/systems for the acquisition, processing and analysis of objective and behavioural data. Neurophysiological signal processing/analysis with applications in music perception. Multi-modal approaches


Under-graduate (School of Musical Studies, A.U.Th.)

  • Musical Acoustics Applications and Computational Techniques
  • Introduction to the acoustics of musical instruments
  • Educational technology in music

Post-graduate (in collaboration with other academics in an Interdisciplinary Post-graduate Studies Program on “Advanced Computer and Communication Systems”)

  • Natural and artificial perception
  • Audio signal processing
  • Natural language/voice processing
  • Multimedia production (lab)
  • DVD Authoring (lab)
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