Three-day musical celebration for the 30 years of the Music Department

The Department of Music Studies of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, celebrates 30 years since its inception and organizes a three-day music feast.

The celebrations will start with a short conference, in which the wide range of educational and research activities of the Department will be presented by members of the stuff (Teloglion Foundation, 27/5, 10:00-12:30).

A three-day music marathon will follow, with the participation of students, graduates and teachers of the Department.

In three places (Teloglion Foundation on 27/5, Department of Music Studies in Thermi on 28/5 and Vasiliko Theatre on 29/5) and in two scenes in each area, the Department will offer a festival that expresses music creativity beyond borders and styles including: chamber music recitals, solo instrument recitals, different interpretative approaches to Greek traditional music, jazz, rock and soul music, free improvisation, electronic music, compositions of graduates and teachers of the department, choral music, various types of vocal music, etc.

These events are part of the 90-year anniversary celebration of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

In summary, here are the places and the dates of the events: 27/5, Teloglion Foundation, 10:00-24:00 28/5, Department of Music Studies (Thermi Campus - opposite the settlement of Lida- Maria), 11:00-24:00 29/5, Vasiliko Theatre, 12:00-23:00 We are pleased to invite you to these musical events of the Music Studies Department. (AUTH).

Our Department will be honored by your presence.

Organizing team: Evi Nika-Sampson, Chair of the Music Studies Department (AUTH) Kostas Chardas, Assistant Professor of the Music Studies Department (AUTH) Emmanouil Giannopoulos, Lecturer of the Music Studies Department (AUTH)

Support team: Antonia Vasileiadou, Maria Vafeiadou, Nikos Diminakis, Stamatia Kalaitzidou, Fani Kampouri, Nikos Murogiannis-Koukos, Apostolia Nikouli, Nikos Nikolaidis, Charoula Savvidou, Penny Stefou, Alexandra Tsiara, Athanasios Tsolakis, Theognosia Chaleplidou, Marianna Charalampaki.

Video-shooting team: Mado Anastasiou, Maria Mariadou, Eirini- Chrysovalantou Meimaridou, Vasilis Mpalogiannis, Triantafyllia Stampolidou, Vasiliki Choursoutoglou.

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