Alexandru Maria


Assistant professor


  • Ph.D.-Degree of the Faculty of Humanities, Copenhagen University, with Dissertation about Byzantine Music (2000)
  • Candidata Philosophiae in Byzantine Studies (“Greek, Middle Ages”), with Speciale on Byzantine Music, Faculty of Humanities, Copenhagen University (1995)


Post: School of Music Studies, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, 54124 Thessaloniki, Greece
Post (alternate): Kassandrou 85, 54633 Thessaloniki, Greece
Phone: +30-2310 991838, +30-2310 631594


Historical Musicology with specialization in Byzantine Music

Research Interests

  • Palaeography of Byzantine Music
  • Morphology and Analysis of B.M.
  • History and Historiography of B.M.
  • Didactics of B.M.
  • Interdisciplinary approaches to B.M.


  • Introduction to Byzantine Music (ΥΣ1001) (Υ: Obligatory)
  • History and Morphology of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Music (ΥΣ1000) (Υ: Obligatory)
  • Palaeography of Byzantine Music (ΥΧ0600) (ΥΕ – Obligatory Choice)
  • History and Theory of Musical Texture: Byzantine Kalophonia during the 13th-15th centuries (ΥΙ0419-ΕΣ0419) (ΥΕ-ΕΕ: Obligatory Choice-Free Choice)
  • History and Theory of Musical Texture: Texture and Beauty in Byzantine Music (ΥΙ04xx-ΕΣ04xx) (ΥΕ-ΕΕ: Obligatory Choice-Free Choice)
  • Theory and History of Byzantine Music: Methods of Analysis for Byzantine Music (ΕΣ09xx) (ΕΕ: Free Choice)
  • Theory and History of Byzantine Music: Great Composers of the Post-Byzantine Period (ΕΣ09xx) (ΕΕ: Free Choice)
  • Special Topics in Music History: Historiography of Byzantine Music and Hymnography (YE01xx) (ΥΕ – Obligatory Choice)
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