Research Groups

  • COINVENT: Concept Invention Theory (FP7 programme, 2013-2016).
  • The aim of the COINVENT team is to develop a computationally feasible, cognitively-inspired formal model of concept creation, drawing on Fauconnier and Turner’s theory of conceptual blending, and grounding it on a sound mathematical theory of concepts. To validate the model, a proof of concept of an autonomous computational creative system will be implemented that will be evaluated by humans in two testbed scenarios: mathematical reasoning and melodic harmonization.

  • Cognitive and Computational Musicology (CCM) Group
  • The research domain of CCM group is inherently interdisciplinary bringing together diverse fields of inquiry such as musicology, music theory/analysis, cognition, auditory perception, acoustics, linguistics, informatics, artificial intelligence, neuroscience.

  • C.A.L.M. (Community Action in Learning Music)
  • C.A.L.M. attempts to close the social distance between the university and “high risk” public schools that have become isolated due to geographical, economic, cultural and political factors, and which have a predominately multicultural student body that does not have easy access to music education.

  • CR.E.A.M. (Creative Encounters with Art and Music)
  • CR.E.A.M. aims to enable music students to “mess up” with the ‘picture’ and visual art students to “mess up” with ‘sound’ in order to expand their creativity beyond the roles and specializations that the university and society assigns to it.

  • noise:muse (Sonic Approaches to Contemporary Art)
  • Noise:muse is a project inaugurated in spring 2016, as part of the Experimental Music & Free Improvisation courses at the School of Music Studies, AUTH, in cooperation with the Thessaloniki State Museum of Contemporary Art. Creatively responding to exhibitions at the SMCA and CACT, undergraduate students research ways of sonifying visual arts, through themed improvisations, graphic scores, intermedia experimentations and spontaneous, transient actions between and beyond static exhibits.
    Project Coordinator: Danae Stefanou (Assistant Professor, School of Music Studies A.U.TH.)
    SMCA Liaison: Εirini Papakonstantinou (Curator, SMCA)

  • Critical Μusic Histories
  • The group was formed in collaboration with A.U.TH. postgraduate and undergraduate students, as well as recent alumni, with the following objectives:

    • To historically trace and map multiple, subjective and/or lesser known aspects of music, with a special interest in unexplored musical practices
    • To expose and problematise the ways and contexts through which dominant narratives on the History of Music are constructed and enforced
    • To maintain and systematically engage with essential questions of epistemology, such as: What constitutes a valid / reliable / noteworthy historical account? When? Where? Why? From whom, and for whom?
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