Mousiko Polytropo

"Mousiko Polytropo" is a group of students at the School of Music Studies of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki interested in the practical realization and application of in-class theoretical knowledge. As we believe that an integrated music education should include the richness of our tradition, we try to experience Greek folklore tradition and transmit it. In our own tradition, however, there is a unity of speech and movement, and this is the reason why we don't perform the songs in a static way but we present them in a scenic form.

The group's effort has inquiring, musical, educational and artistic content. First, members of the "Mousiko Polytropo" collect folk songs by original performers by making field recordings. From these songs those eligible for learning in a traditional way are chosen for the programme. By "traditional way" we mean learning by hearing only, without the intervention of musical notation. These songs are eventually organised into some sort of a scenic presentation, each one under a different subject.

What is special about the team and derives from teamwork is the creation of a new experience and a new function of folklore songs, which are expressed in a place different from where we usually encounter folklore singing, i.e. the theatre. We consciously seek to revive old ways of poetic expression and folklore singing and focus musical education on our own "Greek music language".

"Musiko Polytropo" was started in 1994 by Jannis Kaimakis, associate professor of the School of Music Studies and has since performed in many cities all over Greece ( Thessaloniki, Athens, Kilkis, Serres, Amfipolis, Samothraki, Eleftheroupolis, Giannena, Xanthi, Edessa, Leukada, Lagadas, Lamia, etc.).

In 1995 Mrs. Lisellotte Orff invited the team to present the performance "The Life Cycle" during the celebration of the 100 year anniversary of Carl Orff's birth. In March 1999 they presented the "Ballad of the Dead Brother" in cities in Belgium (Brugge, Gent) and Germany (Amberg, Munchen, Nurnberg, Regensburg, Traunstein). In July 2000 they took part in the International Symposium about Carl Orff (Carl Orff Symposium 2000) in Trunwalchen, performing in other cities in Germany as well. In 2002 it performed in Tsanakale, Turkey.

In 2003 "Mousiko Polytropo" of the Aristotle University began collaborating with the "Center of Mediterranean Music, Lamia", the result of which is the appearance of a growing number of performances, which indicates the participation of parallel cultural exhibitions such as the Euromed Civil Forum of the Hellenic presidency in the European Union in Hania in May 2003, the international festival of the Photographic Center of Skopelos in July 2003, the festival "Ensembles Polyphoniques en Provence" in Italy (San Giminiano, Siena, Genoa) and France (Draguignan, Bormes les Mimosas, Cuges les Pins) in July 2003, and at the international festival "La Merce" in Barcelona in September 2003.

In May of 2003 the team presented "The Vernal Events" in Thessaloniki as part of Student Week at the Aristotle University, at Polygyro, and in July of 2003 in Traunwalchen, Germany. During the winter period of 2003-2004 it performed in Giannitsa, at the auditorium of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, at Tyrnavo, and at Polygyro with the presentation of Christmas songs.

In this way the "Mousiko Polytropo" is becoming an important transmitter of Hellenic tradition, at the same time promoting the manifold work of our University as much in Greece as abroad.

Recently, a well known record company specializing in Mediterranean music and in preclassical music has released a CD of the group's work entitled "Mousiko Polytropo", the "Cycle of Life" L'empreinte digital 1999 ED 13105. Moreover, Schott, the German Publishing House, was interested in releasing a CD with "The Dead Brother's Song". In July 2003 the team was invited on a tour of ten cities in France and Italy.

For more details, please visit the groups web page.

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