Time In MEntaL activitY: theoretical, behavioral, bioimaging and clinical perspectives (TIMELY)

Time perception (TP) represents a fundamental issue in cognitive science and neurosciences. However, the cognitive mechanisms and brain areas involved are still underspecified. Uncovering the processes underlying TP will specify its interactions with action, attention, memory, and language and will make crucial contributions to our understanding of longstanding questions on various aspects of time (synchrony, duration, etc.). To investigate TP one has to move away from the single-discipline perspective and profit from the synergy of theoretical and methodological inputs from different disciplines.

This Action will develop a scientific network that will establish the first European community on TP and advance our understanding of TP by coordinating efforts on:

  • developing a common-code of communication
  • advancing the understanding andtreatment / neurorehabilitation of time distortions in neurological and mental disorders or other impairments
  • developing new behavioral/imaging paradigms
  • creating new research materials
  • studying developmental aspects of TP.